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another choice  
November 22 - December 23 

Jean-Louis Espilit, another choice


A half-century  !

For fifty years Jean-Louis Espilit has been working on the sensitive, exploring it, scrutinizing it and modeling it, fifty years he has lined his large sheets with the unspeakable.

Through his works, he seeks and above all translates his questioning on otherness, no message is delivered to us.

The other, the different, the confronted emerges from his works, the large flat areas appear to us like immense volumes which come to collide and/or marry, even to merge.  ; signs, the other language of the artist, refer us to the uniqueness of the individual and to others in their plurality.

The movement is surprisingly rendered by the static, a real challenge, the elements seem to move in a universe that gives the feeling of being frozen.

Here, nothing spectacular, the ego and its projection are banished, the dialogue is established in silence, far from the thundering sound facilities often encountered.

The work is discreet and determined, Jean-Louis Espilit too.

Yet no inhibition is served to us, just an interiority which expresses itself discreetly and without noise but also without make-up.

The paper, the artist chose it to deliver his work. Often considered the poor relation of mediums, like plaster in sculpture or oak in cabinetmaking, it is nevertheless the nobility of pictorial writing leaving no chance for repentance, only perfect mastery can dispose of it. .

Colourist, Jean-Louis Espilit is one in his own way, muted, subtle and very accomplished values are so many tours de force  ; here again the appearance is not the point, its chromatic alphabet, although very rich, is not made of splinters.


His other choice, or rather his other choices, manifest themselves in the entirety of this work, they are also mine.




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